Week 1

February 12, 2017

This week went by very quickly as the Degrees of Freedom girls were all so excited to begin build season. We began with reviewing the newly released game video several times before discussing the game manual and FRC safety rules. The team wanted to become as familiar as possible with FIRST and the Steamworks game. 


After the team understood this year's game fairly well, we discussed game strategy. After a lot of arguing and controversy, we decided the most points were gained through gears and rope climbing.  





With a focus point chosen for the team, we broke off into our desired groups (programming, mechanical, and electrical) and began working. The programming team started with learning Python (our chosen code language), while the mechanical team began building a gear peg and rope stand for later use. Electrical started organizing our new storage room and putting together shelves and tool boxes. 


We are off to a great start!



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