Volunteering at Solterra

October 4, 2016

For the past few months, the Degrees of Freedom members have been working with Solterra Senior Living. The people we have been lucky enough to work with have been absolutely wonderful. For example, we have gotten to know and love a lovely lady who recently turned 100 years old. She has even "adopted" us as her children. The DOF have enjoyed every minute spent there. Most of our time is dedicated to playing a game called 'Mexican Train' (dominoes) with the women of Solterra. However, we have also done other activities such as volleyball, ping-pong, pool table, and shuffle board. In addition, we have been fill ins for their plays and have been a part of their "Spa Day" and "Doggy Bash". 



The girls of the SSPF Degrees of Freedom are absolutely delighted to consider some of the citizens our family.

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