Volunteering at Shumway Elementary

July 8, 2016


From June 6th to June 30th, the Degrees of Freedom volunteered their time at Shumway Elementary. Each team member took part in teaching various robotic elements such as programming and building. The team was very happy to find that the camp consisted fully of motivated and intelligent children from pre-k to 6th grade. By the end of the camp, every student was able to distinguish the parts of the robot and what they all did. For their final test, the students played a game of jeopardy where the winning team members received their own remote controlled helicopters.


In addition, every participant was given their own wooden airplane that they built themselves. Our youngest member was given a Lego Wall-E made by a group of DOF members.


As a sign of gratitude, several students gave the Degrees of Freedom hand drawn cards. The team is especially excited to hear that the students are ecstatic to be joining the Si Se Puede Foundation robotics program.



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